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A look into our mining facilities

Take a tour through our mining facilites in China and get to know how they operate. See how INVIA World is expanding with its partner Bitmain and what the future of mining holds.

INVIA World’s Mongolian Mining Facility opens its doors to visitors

China has a leading role in the up and coming crypto mining market. Some of the biggest Bitcoin mining centers are located in China. Most mining facilities operate in distant locations to ensure privacy. For this reason, journalists are rarely allowed to access mining centers.

Our partner Bitmain however, was one of the first to open the doors of one of its mining centers in China to outside visitors. This Bitmain mining facility is equipped with about 25’000 mining machines that produce significant heat and noise.

Most of the employees live in nearby dormitories, as the machines are running non-stop and thus need constant supervision and maintenance.

Besides Bitcoin, a portion of the mining rigs are dedicated entirely to mining Litecoin, another highly profitable cryptocurrency. The whole mining site is able to generate approximately 250’000 dollars’ worth of cryptocurrencies per day.

Building mining farms in China is rather inexpensive, due to the comparatively low electricity costs. These conditions make China one of the most profitable places to mine for cryptocurrencies. Still, around 39’000 dollars per day are spent solely on covering energy costs.

Bitmain is a highly reputable and trusted company. By now they have over 20’000 customers and are planning to expand into the US market. Bitmain’s CEO Jihan Wu is very optimistic for the future of cryptocurrencies and crypto mining. According to him, Bitcoin will reach a price of 100’000 dollars within the next five years.

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