Our Cloud Mining Farms

The second biggest mining farm in the world

With the acquisition of our mining farm in Mongolia, INVIA World owns the second biggest mining farm in the world. Our mining farms portrayed below located in Mongolia and China only represent a fraction of the farms we own. Other facilities are not shown to ensure the security of our mining farms and to protect customer data. Video cameras are set up at locations that are not critical and we do so without disclosing sensitive information or critical intellectual property.


Dalat, Ordos, Inner Mongolia

Our mining farm in Mongolia is the second biggest in the world and was built by our partner Bitmain, the inventor & manufacturer of ANTMINERS. The farms are located in the Sanshangliang industrial park of Dalat, Ordos, which is part of Inner Mongolia and about 600 kilometers west of Beijing.

This particular mining farm employs about fifty people and generates around a quarter of a million dollars a day worth of bitcoin. Most of the employees are local residents of the Ordos-region, which used to be a coal mining town. The employees working at this mining farm live in a nearby dormitory, because the machines are operating non-stop and need constant monitoring and maintenance.

Besides mining for Bitcoin, a section of the miners is dedicated to mining solely Litecoin, another highly profitable cryptocurrency.


    Mining Hall 1

    Mining Hall 2

    Mining Hall 3

    Mining Hall 4

    Mining Hall 5

    Technical Office

    Mining Hall 4

    Outdoor Walk



    Tibet, China

    This is our very first cryptocurrency mining farm using green energy drawn from hydro power stations to run our miners and maximize the use of water for the cooling system. Making it the most efficient cryptocurrency mining company with the lowest cost possible.

    The reason for running this hydro powered mining farm in Tibet is the low cost of electricity, which is a key factor in crypto mining. A large part of the electricity is generated through a local hydroelectric facility. This allows us to keep electricity costs low to ensure profitable crypto mining.

    It’s also our very first facility, which focuses primarily on mining Ethereum. Besides Bitcoin, Ethereum is one of the most promising and profitable cryptocurrencies.

    As a partner of INVIA World you can sign up and visit our mining facility in Tibet, so you can see how our mining works.