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Learn how to use the INVIA World Cloud Mining platform

Our cloud mining platform is build in a simple and user-friendly manner. Ease into using INVIA World with easy-to-read tutorials. We created a series of complete step-by-step tutorials to walk you through our cloud mining platform.


Getting started


Learn how to start & set up your cloud crypto mining account on our platform.

How to register a mining account


Profile Settings let you control your personal details & payment informations.

How to set up your mining profile


Get an overview of our dashboard and learn how to manage your mining account.

How to use the mining dashboard


See a detailed mining history and get a performance report of you cloud miners.

How to see the mining history



Follow our instructions to successfully buy your first cloud miner on INVIA World.

How to buy your cloud miner


See just how easy it is to payout your daily profits to your Bitcoin wallet.

How to withdraw your profits


Store your cloud mining profits and other cryptocurrencies in a secure manner.

How to buy your cloud miner

Cash out

Learn how to securly cash out Bitcoins to your regular bank account.

How to register an account

Affiliate Program


Use your affiliate link to promote cloud mining and grow your passive income.

How to use the referral link


Learn how to directly register an account of a partner in your dashboard.

How to manage your team


How to manage your partners and get an overview of your team structure.

How to manage your team


Learn the different methods to receive your commissions and bonus payments.

How to payout your commissions

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