Mining History

How to view the Mining History of your cloud miner

Your Mining History displays the daily mining profits and performance of your INVIA World cloud miners.

The mining difficulty of a coin correlates with its price. If the price increases, so does the mining difficulty. This means, you may receive fewer coins when mining difficulty goes up, but these coins will have a higher value.

For this reason your daily profits vary and monthly profits add up to 9-16%.

Step 1:
Login & navigate to your crypto wallet

Login to your dashboard and proceed by clicking on the CRYPTO WALLET tab on the left sidebar to reveal the MINING HISTORY tab in your dashboard.

Step 1: Login to your dashboard of INVIA World Cloud Crypto Mining to view your mining history - Screenshot of INVIA World Cloud Crypto Mining Dashboard

Step 2:
Open the mining history in your dashboard

Click on MINING HISTORY in your dashboard to see the report of your daily cloud mining profits. It is located below the crypto wallet tab.

Step 2: After you clicked on CRYPTOWALLET click on MINING HISTORY to view the mining history of your cloud miners- Screenshot of INVIA World Cloud Crypto Mining Dashboard

Step 3:
Check your mining profits

You will see when your profits were generated on the left side in the DATE section.

The description below PAYOUT indicates how your profits were generated. This could be from cryptocurrency mining or passive hash power which you can earn from our exclusive partner program.

The entirety of your daily profits are displayed in the section called TOTAL.

At the end of the page you can find your overall total profits from all days that your account and cloud mining packages were active.

Our partners will also find their profits from passive hashpower in this section. Find out how you can become a partner  to earn passive hash power.

Step 3: View & understand your mining history - Screenshot of INVIA World Cloud Crypto Mining Dashboard

This example shows the Mining History of a Founder Miner with a €25000 package of 920 MH / s.



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