How to pay for a mining package

In this quick tutorial you will learn how to select a mining package, how to use our shop and exactly how to pay for a your mining package.

Login and choose a mining package

After you have logged into your INVIA World account, navigate to the SHOP section through your dashboard. Once in the shop section, see which mining package best suits you.

To see all available packages and our prices, please visit Pricing.  Select your desired mining package by clicking BUY.

Step 2:
navigate to your basket

Once you have placed the buy order on your desired mining package, the BASKET icon will appear in the lower left hand corner of your dashboard. Click on it to proceed.

Step 3:
Enter payment info and choose payment method

Double check your mining package and enter the requested payment information.

Choose your desired payment method: Bitcoin, AdvCash, SEPA, or MasterCard.

For anyone who has no prior experience with cryptocurrencies we recommend using credit card or SEPA as the method of payment.

Step 4:
Finish your payment

Finish your payment by sending the funds to INVIA World.

Depending on your payment method your order will be placed within the next 72 hours. SEPA transfers usually take longest, whereas Bitcoin and credit card payments process faster.

After INVIA World received your payment, you will find your package at the top on your dashboard. Once 30 days are over, you start generating your first Bitcoins with your mining package.



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