How to navigate in your INVIA World Profile

In this chapter you will learn how to navigate through your INVIA World profile, how to change your password and how to see your invoices.

Step 1:
Navigate to your profile

Click on PROFILE in your dashboard to access your INVIA World profile page.

Step 2:
How to navigate through your profile

Once you are on the profile page you will see your personal data. You can change your personal data at any time.

You can see your Nickname in the lower right part of your profile page. It is displayed to anyone who receives your referral link to join INVIA World. To find out how you can invite others to join INVIA World, please visit our Affiliate Program.

Your PAYOUT INFORMATION is displayed in the lower left hand corner of your profile. We recommend filling in your payout information immediately after you signed up for INVIA World, so you can start receiving your profits. If you need assistance in this process, visit our Withdrawal Guide.

Step 3:
How to change your password

You can change your password by clicking on CHANGE PASSWORD below your profile tab in your dashboard. After entering your new password, please click save to confirm it.

Step 4:

On the INVOICES page you can find all your INVIA World purchases. You can export and save a detailed invoice in PDF format by clicking on Download PDF on the right hand side of the page.

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