INVIA World goes to Dubai

Invia World Event in Dubai

We are happy to announce the successful completion of our INVIA World Event in Dubai which took place from November 8th to 12th 2017.

Closing the year 2017

For the following year we have secured a sales volume of 150 million with our partner Bitmain, which is equivalent to about 250 million in turnover.

By the end of 2017 we will have completed the setup of our new mining rigs in Mongolia and Tibet. Furthermore, INVIA World is opening a branch in Switzerland and thus expanding into one of the most promising crypto markets. Our vision is to be the biggest cloud crypto mining service provider of Europe.

New and updated Dashboard

INVIA World is growing rapidly and currently we have more than 8000 partner from over 20 countries. In Dubai, we announced a new and enhanced version of our backoffice and dashboard. We are constantly working on our infrastructure to ensure a high level of user satisfaction. Our support team was recently expanded and is now available 24/7.

New exclusive packages available

We have great news for our investors too. A limited number of 500 mining-packages with a hash power of 1.26 GH/s is now available in our shop for 35’000€.

INVIA World Challenge 2018

Besides speaking about facts and numbers we also annnounced the destination of our next excursion. INVIA World is going to Las Vegas and Hawaii! On March 25th 2018 we will take our best partners to the US for an epic 8 day trip.

How to qualify for Vegas and Hawaii

You can enter the competition starting November 11th until February 11th 2018.
Conditions to enter are the following:

  • Firstline turnover of 50k qualifies you for a single ticket. A turnover of 85k lets you bring a friend and 150k will grant you the VIP-ticket to Hawaii.
  • Secondline turnover of 250k qualifies you for a single ticket. A secondline turnover of 425k lets you bring a friend and 750k will grant you the VIP-ticket to Hawaii.

Visit our mining facilities in Mongolia

Additionally, whoever qualifies for the Vegas Challenge until December 31st 2017 gets permission to visit our mining facilities in Mongolia. The duration of the trip is 5 days and takes place in the first half of 2018. Exact dates will be released soon.

Are you ready?

Join us now

Join INVIA World today and secure your tickets for Las Vegas and Hawaii!

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