Bitcoin is now available as a payout option

Bitcoin available as payout method

Our distributing director, Daniel Zdesar, has announced a few updates to our backoffice, including the addiotion of Bitcoin as a payout option.

We have added Bitcoin as withdrawal option

Due to increased demand from our community we have completely switched our method of withdrawal to Ethereum and Bitcoin.

more options mean more felxibility

This change gives you more flexibility in the handling of your funds. You can now send your profits to any Bitcoin or Ethereum address.

If you are unsure of exactly how to withdraw your Bitcoin to your wallet, please visit our Withdrawal Guide for a detailed explanation.

Choose a secure wallet

There are different types of wallets, such as online wallets, desktop wallets and offline wallet. Offline wallets, also called hardware wallets, are the most secure, as they are not connected to a computer or the internet most of the time and thus are much less prone to hacking attacks.

We recommend using the Ledger Nano S, which is one of the best hardware wallets.

Are your coins secure?

Secure your coins

Get your Ledger Nano S and protect your funds.

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