Our mission at INVIA World is to keep our leading position in the crypto mining market. This is why research and development is one of our highest priorities. To thank you as a partner and to ensure the stength and growth of our community, we organise regular excursions and competitions.

  • June 2017 – Start of INVIA World

    INVIA World GmbH was founded in Vienna on July 7th, 2017.
    Our website goes online and is open for partners and investors.

  • October 2017 - Kickoff Vienna

    INVIA World officially launched in October 2017, with initially over 3’000 active investors and a turnover of 4 million.

  • October 2017 - Withdrawal in Bitcoin

    Due to increased demand and popularity, we decided to introduce Bitcoin as a withdrawal option. For more details, visit our blog.

  • November 2017 - Dubai event

    More than 60 people have qualified for the INVIA World Event from Novemver 8th to 12th 2017 which took place in Dubai.

  • December 2017 - Christmas dinner

    Our INVIA World Christmas dinner for all investors and partners was a great opportunity to meet our community and to wish everyone a merry christmas.

  • December 2017 - AG founding in Switzerland

    INVIA World is expanding and an official Swiss Branch is opened in December 2017.

  • Q1 2018 - improved interface

    We are soon releasing our new and improved user interface. For more details, visit our blog.

  • Q1 2018 - guaranteed turnover

    We have reached a pre-sale volume of 150 million through the Bitmain facilities in Mongolia which guarantees a turnover of 250 million.

  • March 2018 - Las Vegas

    Our next INVIA World Event will be held in Las Vegas and Hawaii on March 28th 2018. Find out how to qualify by clicking here.

  • Q2 - Credit Card

    We are in the process of creating an INVIA World credit card. Our credit card will allow you to pay in the real world using your crypto balance.


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