Cloud mining made transparent

Transparency should be part of any company’s culture. As it helps build a stronger business and sustainable community. Being fair and transparent means also to let anyone participate in the cloud mining business with the same same informations and conditions. Therefore we try to disclose anything regarding our crypto mining. Keeping our company transparent gives us a competitive advantage by building trust within our loyal cloud mining community.


    Transparency on every level

    • Company Structure

      INVIA World is an Austrian company with its headquarters registered in Vienna, Austria. We operate in compliance with EU legislature. We recently registered a branch in Switzerland and are planning a cooperation with Ernst & Young to increase the stability & security of our cloud mining company. For more informations see our roadmap.

    • Management Team

      Real people build real trust. That’s why our leaders are public and transparent. Meet the founders and our whole development team at one of our many INVIA World events.

    • Mining Facilities

      INVIA World’s mining farms are located in Tibet, Mongolia & China. We honor the trust of our customers by giving them the chance to visit our mining facilities.

    • Pricing Formula

      20% of profits go directly to INVIA World. Electricity and other costs such as maintenance and security are covered by 64-71% of total profits. The remaining profits usually add up to 9-16% per month and are rolled out to our investors daily.


      INVIA World Exposed

      The company structure explained

      Find below our company details, the names of our major shareholders and our milestones so far.

      INVIA World Management Team
      INVIA GmbH
      Company with limited liability
      Graben 12, 1010 Vienna, Austria

      Telephone: +43 27 422 66 88

      VAT-ID: ATU72496408
      Register authority: Landesgericht Wien
      Commercial register number: FN 473545 s
      Date of incorporation: 04.07.2017 in Vienna, Austria

      Bank: Volksbank Kärnten Süd
      IBAN: AT27 4213 0901 0101 6104


      Our Pricing Explained

      What our profits are used for

      Learn exactly how our earnings are used and how the remaining profits are split between you and us.

      of profits go to

      INVIA World

      We reinvest the profits mainly into the development of our infrastructure and into sales & marketing to grow the platform.

      of profits go to


      Most of our profits are spent on electricity, maintenance and security of the mining facilities as well as personnel.

      of profits go to

      Your Profit

      The profits from mining vary depending on the mining difficulty of the mined coins.


      Transparency in every step

      what happens in each step of the investment process

        • 14-Day Withdrawal Period

          After you signed up and purchased your first package, you have by law a two week period to withdraw your investment. In this period you are not bound to anything.

        • Setup & Configuration

          Once the 14-day-withdrawal period is over, we will set up the infrastructure of your mining package. The setup takes about two weeks. After 30 days of your initial investment you will start receiving profits.

        • The Break Even Point

          The time period until the break even point is usually 10 months. If you choose packages with a lot of hash power it can be shorter.

        • 2 Years Guaranteed

          Your mining hardware is guaranteed to work for at least 24 months. However, life expectancy of our hardware is 36 months on average.


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