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Varying Profits

Why do my profits vary?

You may be wondering why the profits of your cloud miners differ from day to day. In this article we explain how this comes and what this means for you. You will also learn why we mine different coins and why we mine different cryptocurrencies with different sets of hardware.

we mine many different coins

For security and diversification, we mine different cryptocurrencies with different sets of hardware. With ASIC miners we mine Bitcoin, Litcoins and other SHA-256 currencies. With our GPU machines we mine altcoins like Ethereum or Monero. We always aim to mine the most profitable coin with each hardware. To find out how exactly our Active Managed Mining System is put together, click here.

DAily exchange fluctuations

As you surely know, we will distribute your daily mining results in Bitcoin. This means we need to exchange the mined altcoins into Bitcoin at an appropriate time. No matter how good our mining results are with the Altcoins, with a high Bitcoin price we get less bitcoin today than a few weeks or months ago. So, if you convert your mining results into Euros or Dollars, you will find that the results are still excellent.

Built to last

Of course, we are building our hardware forward-looking and focusing on the most profitable technology. The market is very difficult to predict, and we aim to provide a secure, sustainable and transparent strategy for the next few years and not just a few months.


In short, your profits change because we have to exchange the mined Altcoins for Bitcoin and the exchange rate changes constantly.

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